Valentine’s 2022: Champagne and take-out? Why not??

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With a pandemic still lingering and restrictions changing all the time, it’s hard to plan the ideal romantic night out. Well, don’t worry about it – stay in, stay cozy and tackle the occasion differently.

Forget your fancy champagne with oysters, foie gras, or caviar and say yes (!) to champagne with fried chicken or popcorn shrimp! It’s a bit out of left field, but Champagne and fried food can be quite a pairing.

You probably already know we can only use the term Champagne to name the sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region, in France. It can get pricy, so we’ll start with a French sparkling wine from the region of Alsace. Try this Cave de Ribeauvillé Giersberger Brut Crémant d’Alsace with fish tacos, fish & chips, or even a Mac & Cheese. It has fruity aromas and an acidity that is a match to the richness on your plate. Get it for $25 at the LCBO.

Niagara region can produce great sparkling wines. The 13th Street Cuvée Brut Sparkling Rosé makes you think of strawberries and cotton candy. Find it for $29 and pair it with a spicy burger or sushi.

Enter Champagne! The Tarlant Brut Reserve Champagne has a bright acidity but is nutty and creamy nonetheless. Get it for $45 and try it with french fries or crispy chicken. It also goes amazingly well with buttered popcorn or strawberries.

Sparkling wines can be classy without being over pretentious. Have fun, enjoy these pairings and enjoy your company.

Happy Valentine’s!

John Carrolo
Resiliency Project Manager, Latcham Art Centre
Wine Educator



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