Porch Heroes, Chapter 1: Vinho Verde

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Summertime is finally here, it’s getting hot outside and all you might be looking for is a refreshing, easy-to-drink wine that you can have (and have again) without breaking the bank. You need a porch hero and Vinho Verde wine is your white knight!

Vinho Verde is a wine region in the northwest of Portugal. Close to the Atlantic, with rainy days and cool nights, the wines produced here are usually lighter than those coming from other regions in Portugal. Although you can find red and rosé wine in the Vinho Verde region, the large majority of wine produced here is white. These have bright acidity, are low in alcohol, and can have a little fizz, making them a great choice for warm summer days. These wines are also a bargain for what they deliver. At the $12-$15 price point you will find incredible value for money. If you’re willing to spend just a few more dollars on a single-variety, you’ll be rewarded with a wine that will surprise you with floral and tropical aromas and layers of complexity.

White Vinho Verde wine is citrusy, with notes of apple and melon. It is fantastic on its own or paired with fresh salads, shellfish of all kinds, fish tacos, or sushi.

Joao Carrolo
Wine Educator
Resiliency Project Manager – Latcham Art Centre


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