Oh Mama! Wine suggestions for Mother’s Day brunch

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If spending some time with mum over brunch is in your Mother’s Day plans, this article might be just for you. The old Mimosa is a safe go-to to for any brunch pairing – it´s fresh, there’s not a lot of alcohol, and it’s versatile enough to match most dishes. However, if you’re feeling like innovating and trying something different, here are a few suggestions:

If Eggs Benedict are on the menu, consider pairing it with a white sparkling wine – you’re not that far away from a classic Mimosa and the bright acidity and bubbles will cut through the richness of the egg yolks and the Hollandaise sauce. Champagne is king, but an Italian Prosecco or a Spanish Cava can also deliver at a much smaller price tag. Just be sure to steer clear of the achingly sweet sparkling wines out there.

Another great brunch staple for this time of the year is the spring vegetable quiche. A French Chablis is close to perfect for this dish but you’ll find similarly good options at lower prices in the unoaked Chardonnays produced here in Ontario.

And if you´re finishing with a fruit salad, make sure to pair it with something aromatic and with a touch of sweetness. A Muscat or a Gewürztraminer are perfect choices to elevate the fruit salad and end this meal on a sweet note.

Joao Carrolo
Wine Educator & Resilency Project Manager, Latcham Art Centre






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