Safe, Professional, Warm-Hearted Care at Home for Seniors……
We are celebrating at Living Assistance Services more than 20 years of outstanding home care for seniors and their families and, with this, comes the expertise, experience and wisdom gained during these years to provide safe, compassionate and professional care for your aging loved one—at an affordable cost!
But, we purposely remain a smaller agency so that our seniors and their families enjoy warm, caring relationships with our office staff, service coordinators and caregivers.
Our smaller size also helps us to be very personal in our service and always in touch with our seniors and their families as, for example, we are available to respond to everyone on the telephone at any time, day or night, 24/7.
As a result, many of our seniors and their families and their caregivers create close relationships and remain together not for days or weeks but for months and years.
Our seniors and their families agree with us and when Dorothy, our heroine from the much loved 1939 film, The Wizard of OZ, exclaimed:

There’s no place like home…