**This is a special 2023 rate**
Working out has never been so therapeutic!
Enjoy three private, hour-long GYROTONIC® Training Sessions.

With the GYROTONIC® Method, our certified teachers will guide you through an hour-long private training session on unique machines.
A combination of breathwork, spiraling-motions, and intentional movement sequences will have your mind and body thanking you.
This is the perfect gift for the ‘mover’ in your life, someone who works chairbound on a computer, a golfer who wants to tune-up their skills in the off-season, or anyone who wants to feel better.

GYROTONIC® Training can help you with:
– Improving posture.
– Using the power of breath to rejuvenate and revitalize energy.
– Decompression of joints.
– Advancing movement patterns and body awareness.
– Spinal mobility! Spinal mobility! Did we say…spinal mobility?
– Enhanced functional movement for sport and everyday life.
– Core strengthening.

Experience the revolutionary system of the GYROTONIC® Method, and feel the immediate difference in your body.
Each machine can do over 100 different exercises – there is something for everyone!
Exercises are tailored to your needs and goals, and our clinically-focused team will take you on your wellness-journey – you just have to start.