Vendor Information

The Stouffville Chamber of Commerce invites outside vendors to participate in our three larger-scale Village events in which portions of Main Street are closed and space is available for external vendors. Spaces are limited. Apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Downtown Events Include: 

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Car Show 
  • Moonlight Madness Street Festival
  • Village Halloween

*Due to COVID-19, events are subject to change or even cancellation. Full refunds will be provided to approved vendors.

Vendor Approval

  • If a Village business declines the use of the space in front of their store, the Chamber may request the use of this space for an approved outside vendor.
  • Village businesses cannot reserve space for an outside vendor without Chamber approval. They must reserve for their own business only.
  • All other vendors must apply to the Stouffville Chamber of Commerce to attend the festival and vendor fees will apply.
  • All vendors and organizations outside of the Village must apply to the Chamber of Commerce and be approved in order to participate in a Village event.
  • If approved, outside vendors will be required to pay a vendor’s fee immediately and will only be confirmed once payment is received. Confirmations will be done on a first come, first served basis.

Vendor approval will be based on the following criteria:

    • Type of product sold in relation to our businesses within the Village boundaries.
    • Current vendors already approved.   

Vendor Information

To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable event we ask that all participating vendors set up within the space that is assigned to them. Please be courteous to other participants and the merchants of the Downtown throughout the event.

Time of Set Up

Event set up will be based on each event. However, it is generally one hour prior to the start of the event. The Stouffville Chamber of Commerce will contact you one (1) week prior to the event to provide you with your exact location and final event details. 

Vendor Space

  • Vendors are permitted a 10 ft x10 ft space as previously approved by the organizers.
  • Do not block driveways. 
  • An emergency lane must be maintained at all times along the entire length of street. 
  • Please set up within your designated area to ensure this laneway is maintained.  Failure to keep enough space for an emergency vehicle will result in us asking you to adjust your set up.  


  • Vendors are responsible for providing all items for their booth. This includes; tents, table, chairs.  
  • Tents MUST be secured – Each vendor is responsible for securing their own tent with weights.  If you do not have an appropriate way to secure your tents, then you will be asked to take your tent down.  Cinderblocks/cement blocks, 18L water bottles and sand bags are a good option for weights.   


  • Vendors may drive their vehicles to their location to load and unload only.  
  • Please ensure your merchandise is off the street before the street is reopened.  
  • When you are driving within the closed off event area please do not drive more than 5 km per hour and be aware of your surroundings at all time. 


  • All Participants are responsible for removal of their own garbage and recyclables. 
  • All garbage and recyclables must be removed by each participant when they leave. 
  • You are not to use the municipal garbage receptacles located within the festival area. These receptacles are for visitors to the event only.


  • Electricity is limited within the Main Street area and if required should be discussed and confirmed at the time of reserving your booth. 
  • Approval must be obtained if you are bringing a generator. 
  • Using a Generator – Quiet generators are permitted (4-stroke) 
  • All cords running across a public walkway (sidewalk) must be covered with mats and are the responsibility of the vendor.

Food Vendor

  • Food vendors must follow all guidelines set out by the York Region Health Unit. Information can be found here: https://www.york.ca/health/food-safety/special-events-farmers-markets-and-wild-game-dinners . 
  • All food served must be approved in advance by the organizers.
  • Vendors are not permitted to dump grease, grey water or ice onto the pavement or park areas. 
  • All food vendors are to provide a garbage can and recycle bins for use at your booth and all garbage created during the festival is to be taken with the vendor. 

Event Hours

  • Vendors are expected to stay for the entire event.  
  • If you have arranged to leave early you must contact one of the organizers who can assist you with leaving the festival area safely.  
  • Leaving early without prior approval will result in not being asked back to future events. 

Parking for Vendors

  • Once you have unloaded and are ready to move your vehicle you have several options within Stouffville Village where you can park, including Memorial Park and the parking lot at the Stouffville train station.
  • No vehicles can stay within the festival area without prior consent. 

*** Please ensure you are parking in designated areas and adhere to the No Parking signs in the festival area to ensure our police, fire and ambulance can move around the town.

Smoking, Vaping & Marijuana

All of our events are non-smoking and the use of tobacco, marijuana or vaping products within the festival area is prohibited. If you wish to smoke, please exit the festival area.

Festival Operations

  • The Whitchurch-Stouffville Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for loss or damage to your property
  • Each vendor shall take necessary precautions to protect their valuables.