Adult Reads: Run Rose Run

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What do you get when the world’s most prolific and best-selling author teams up with country music’s most beloved figure? Run Rose Run, a dramatic novel written by James Patterson and Dolly Parton. This is a story you’ve heard before: a talented unknown arrives in a new town (Nashville, in this case) and quickly rises to the top, overcoming pitfalls (unscrupulous industry types) and winning allies (a faded star) along the way. In this case, our young star is AnnieLee Keyes and, as this is a James Patterson novel, she has a mysterious past that comes back to haunt her. Or should I say it comes back to haunt Rose? Shhh! No spoilers! While there is certainly a familiar quality to the narrative, what makes this book different is that elements of the story are based on Dolly’s own journey to stardom, and the music described in the book is actually recorded by Dolly on an album of the same name. This book will be enjoyed by fans of James Patterson, A Star is Born, the Nashville TV series, and, of course, Dolly herself.

Douglas Davey
Manager, Library Operations
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