Adult Read: Lucky by Marissa Stapley

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If you like your books fast-paced and fun, here is one for you. Lucky isn’t just the title, it’s the also the main character’s first name, and also a reference to the event that the story hinges upon which is Lucky’s winning of the lottery.

Yes, Lucky is lucky, but there’s a problem: she’s a grifter and a con artist, and the only way she can claim her prize is to come clean about her criminal past. With this intriguing dilemma as a backdrop, the story follows her journey to make a new future for herself as she confronts her complicated past.

This is the kind of story that was simply made for the beach, and is sure to become a feature film. It’s available at the library as print book, both with regular loans and as a seven-day Fast Read. It’s also available as an Ebook and Eaudiobook through our Cloud Library service.

Douglas P. Davey
Manager, Library Operations









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